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Again it took me a while....

Hey ladies,

as Steffi wrote me an email today that she finally read my last post, I thought it is time for a new one

First of all, I hope you all had a nice christmas and a happy new year. I spent christmas at home. It was quiet but amazing. I spent a lot of time with my parents and met a couple of friends from school. For new years eve I went to Berlin to celebrate with some friends who I did my Bachelor studies with (Olga, Sandra and Claudi, for those who know them already). Since I wasn't in Berlin for more than 10 years, we did a lot of sight seeing. And I have to say: Berlin is a lovely and exciting city! For new years we went to a huge gay party which was absolutly amazing - we danced the whole night. I also met 'Rolphe' from Germanys next Topmodel in the club which was really funny because I think I looked a little bit too long at him so that he came over and said: 'Yes, I am the guy from GNTM'. It was a fabulous evening and we made a lot of new friends which by the way became really touchy. That surprised me!

In the first week of January, I flew back to England because I had to hand in my first report. Even though I sent the first draft to my PI and corrected everything, I am not particularly convinced by my own work. I am even more nervous because Austin Smith as well as Brian Hendrich (head of the PhD programme) will read it. Hm... We will see how that goes. I also have a seminar with Austin Smith tomorrow in which we will discuss two papers. He chose a Cell Paper (we all hate them - too many figures) and a Nature Paper (five main figures and 21 supplementary figures - Great!!!).

Our 'Refreshers week' started last Saturday where the graduate commitee of the college organises some events for the 'new' graduate students. But we are kind of new, we never studied here in lent term (thats the name of the current term). So I already went to a 'Wine and Cheese' Event (everything paid by college) and pubcrawl. On Thursday there will be the first formal hall of term which I am particularly excited about - I LOVE FORMAL HALL!
Today I had also my first rowing outing this term. Oh my god was that exhausting! I completly lost my 'fitness' over christmas (No surprise because my parents cooked all my favourite dishes ). But I cannot row in the first boat anymore because they have 8 training sessions a week. I will go for the second boat. At least I hope so! The problem is that the biggest race after term is at a weekday. Since I will be still in my lab rotation, I might not be able to attend. I hope they will not kick me out of the boat club because I want to continue rowing.

Speaking of my lab rotation, I started in the lab of Robin Franklin yesterday. His group isdoing research on remyelination in the adult brian. It is absolutly interesting, but sometimes I have no clue what they are talking about. My new supervisor is nice and much better than the one in the lab I rotated in before. She is communicative and energetic. I love that! But still, I am basically just reading now what makes sense because I have no clue but you all know how much I do not like reading! The rest of the group is nice (a lot of Germans). One guy is absolutly geeky. He is giggling loundly while he is reading comics.  And talking to a real person is a huge effort for him. Ah and there is another guy which I actually do not like because in response to the fact that I was born in East Germany he said: 'Oh, she is from Dunkeldeutschland'! But okay, there is alsways someone who is weired/stupid!

Okay, I think that is it so far.... I hope you are all doing well. I am always happy about emails or facebook messages. By the way, Aine and Steffi, thank you for your texts...

Kisses, Sarah

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